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one-of-a kind
Statues & Icons 

traditional • hand-crafted • eco-kind

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We specialize in traditionally crafted, eco-kind statues and building details for customers who care about quality, ecology, and supporting traditional,independent artisans.


Conscious Craft

Our hand-crafted statues feature intricate designs created by our team of master stone carvers and designers. Each statue is carved with love and ceremoniously blessed upon completion. Each statue is a work of art.

We are committed to keeping this fading tradition of fine craft alive, and our business is based on a profit-sharing model.


Eco-Kind Design

Our classic statues and sculptures are made with a custom blend of recycled materials, expertly mixed to create long-lasting pieces with a timeless look that can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Bonus: the peace of mind from knowing that your hand-crafted sacred icons tread lightly on the earth.


The Iconic Collection

Our favorite Hindu & Buddhist gods & goddesses, as you have never seen them before; hand-carved by our team in Indonesia and then cast from eco-friendly recycled materials in Northern California. 

The perfect addition to the conscious home, garden, office, or healing space.